People with anxiety:

  • Know the worry is irrational
  • Want to calm down but can’t
  • Hate the fact that breathing feels like you are trying to breathe rocks instead of air
  • Feel like they are drowning and suffocating.  Telling them to just take a breath and calm down doesnt help.
  • Want to stop shaking but can’t control their limbs.
  • Just plain feel horrible and embarrassed.

do you remember the first time you were called annoying?
how your breath stopped short in your chest
the way the light drained from your eyes, though you knew your cheeks were ablaze
the way your throat tightened as you tried to form an argument that got lost on your tongue.
your eyes never left the floor that day.
you were 13.

you’re 20 now, and i still see the light fade from your eyes when you talk about your interests for “too long,”
apologies littering every other sentence,
words trailing off a cliff you haven’t jumped from in 7 years.
i could listen to you forever, though i know speaking for more than 3 uninterrupted minutes makes you anxious.
all i want you to know is that you deserve to be heard
for 3 minutes
for 10 minutes
for 2 hours

there will be people who cannot handle your grace, your beauty, your wisdom, your heart;
mostly because they can’t handle their own.

but you will never be
and have never been
“too much.”

- "this started as something completely different, but everything comes back to you, doesn’t it?" - tyler ford (via tylerthelatteboy)







do you ever get the urge to get up in the middle of the night while everyone else is fast asleep and just walk places and to be completely alone and entirely dedicated to your thoughts

yes but the problem is i dont want to get murdered u feel me

i feel you 

we all feel you 

why are so many people touching me

This is why you don’t walk around in the middle of the night


the lack of cuddling i am experiencing right now is upsetting 


GDI I just had to jump into the bandwagon >:|

This would soooo get into my derpy Pokemon team!


GDI I just had to jump into the bandwagon >:|

This would soooo get into my derpy Pokemon team!

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11.7” x 16.5”
Uni Pin pens 
190 gsm Hahnemuhle fine art paper

Personal piece available in 10 limited edition of 12x18” prints for sale, signed and numbered via La Creme de la Creme.

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I want to be as happy as this dog

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